Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Hyper Local Branding

Online reviews impact clicks to a website, clicks for driving directions and clicks to call — and they spread like wildfire via social media. Brands with the best and most reviews will thrive in this environment. As online reviews and business listings grow more popular, organizations must manage the thousands of points of contact their consumers have with the brand. Local business listings and directory pages play a vital role in reputation, rankings and revenue. That’s why it’s critical to see the big picture of their purpose. From a single complete listing, a consumer can discover a business, learn where it is, what it does, what special offers it runs, who likes it, and how well the company takes care of its customers. It’s everything you could fit into a brochure but in an accessible, digital format. 4 Key Takeaways: · The importance of structured data on locator pages · Understand forms of hyperlocal branding and advertising · Determine where and when your customers are finding you and on what platforms · Use your business listings data to drive more website, and foot traffic to the retail dealership